2009 Minutes

Friday, November 13, 2009 || Chicago, IL

I. Call to Order & Welcome (Glenn Hansen, Vice Chair)
Glenn Hansen called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.  Mary Stuckey (chair) was unable to attend.
II. Presentation of the 2009 Gronbeck Award
Bruce Gronbeck recognized Karlyn Kohrs Campbell & Kathleen Hall Jamieson for Presidents Creating the Presidency:  Deeds Done in Words.  Professors Campbell and Jamieson accepted the award.
III. Minutes
Minutes from the 2008 Annual Business Meeting were accepted unanimously.
IV. Elections (Sharon Jarvis)
Elections will be held for the Vice-chair elect, the Secretary, and the Nominating committee.  Sharon read statements from the candidates.  Candidates present were invited to speak.  Membership received ballots.
V.  Vice Chair & Program Planner (Glenn Hansen)
A. Glenn thanked reviewers, respondents, chairs, and wandering scholars. 
B. Glenn reported data on the review process for NCA 2009: 

  • In January 2009, all 764 division members were e-mailed and asked if they would review submissions.  Approximately 40% responded.  89 respondents were students. Method preferences:  199 rhetorical, 127 qualitative, 118 critical, 98 quantitative.  Respondents were able to select more than one methodological preference and area category (Political debates, framing, public sphere etc)
  • Of 139 papers submitted, 49% were accepted (68 total)
  • Of 26 panels submitted, 27% were accepted (7 total)
  • The Political Communication Division (PCD) sponsored 10 scholar-to-scholar sessions

PCD usually has 27 slots at NCA. Because PCD co-sponsored with other divisions including non-verbal and mass communication, PCD had 31 slots at NCA in 2009.
Members discussed the PCD acceptance rate compared to other divisions. General consensus of the membership is that low acceptance rates are good for the division.
VI: NCA 2010 (Kate Kenski)
A. Kate discussed the for NCA 2010 "Building Bridges." Kate described the procedure for conference submission. Submissions will follow NCA guidelines. Reviews will be due approx. March 17, 2010. Decisions will be sent out on April 2, 2010.
B. Kate described general conference issues. Papers that do not fit thematically with a panel will be chosen for scholar-to-scholar sessions. NCA would like posters for sessions to be as good as top quality papers. Individuals interested in participating as a wandering scholar should contact Kate. VI. Chair's Report (Glenn Hansen for Mary Stuckey)
Glenn read Mary Stuckey's report. Mary apologizes for her absence and thanks members of the nominating committee, the dissertation, book, and article, awards committees. She thanks Glenn for his hard effort, and all members of the division.
VII. Discussion of NCA Legislative Assembly
A. Glenn reported that the proposed resolution regarding solitary confinement and torture failed on a 63-65 vote.
B. Membership discussed an upcoming panel about NCA's public participation in political issues. PCD members did not take a stand on this issue.
C. Legislative Assembly also voted on a proposal to make conference short courses free of charge. That proposal failed.
D. NCA asked to have membership fees raised. That proposal failed.
VIII. New Business
A. Funding awards/PCD social event (Glenn)
Summary:  NCA currently provides $600 for awards.  For NCA 2009, an anonymous donor provided money to purchase snacks for the social.  We need money to do both. 
Membership discussed possible solutions including:

  • Asking a publisher to support the awards/social (This approach has been tried with limited success).
  • Ask the NCA finance board (If the request is reasonable they can appropriate money).
  • Ask PCD division members to sponsor awards/social.
  • Do the social, without snacks, and present awards during the social.  Have a cash bar.
  • Have the social off-site.
  • Have the business meeting & social in the same time slot and rank it so that it is at the end of a day.
  • Co-sponsor the social with another division.

Action: Membership votes to allow Glenn & Kate to make a decision.  Glenn & Kate will follow-up with financial requests. If we are unable to secure additional money, the slot now used for a social will be used for papers.
B. Named Awards (Glenn Hansen)
Glenn requested membership discuss the possibility of naming the book, dissertation, and article awards.  Membership generally agreed that naming awards is a positive idea.  Professor Delli Carpini will chair a committee and work with Professor Mitch McKinney.  They may select additional members for the committee.  The committee will return to NCA 2010 with a proposal and information about NCA’s rules for award endowments.
C. Publicity (Glenn Hansen)
Glenn asked membership to discuss the value of developing a web presence for the PCD division.  Membership unanimously agreed that a web presence would be valuable and approved Glenn to develop a committee to prepare a website proposal for NCA 2010.
IX. Election Results (Sharon Jarvis)
Sharon reported the results of the election.  Nominating Committee: Dianne Bystrom, Mitchell McKinney, David Rhea, Leslie Rill, Dan Schill; Secretary: Dannagal Goldthwaite Young; Vice Chair:  Jill Edy.
X.  Announcements
A. Women’s Caucus at NCA is recognizing Judith Trent for her contributions.
B.  Membership is asked to watch for a forthcoming book:  Gender & Political Communication in America
C. Members willing to serve on award committees for 2010 should contact Glenn.
XI. Presentation of awards:
The PCD Book Award was presented to:  David Domke & Kevin Coe for The God Strategy.  The Outstanding Article Award was presented to: Robert Rowland, & John Jones for their work on President Obama.  Cindy Koening Richards received the Outstanding Dissertation Award.  Awards for the Top four papers in the division were presented.
X.  Adjourned
Respectfully submitted:  Danielle Wiese Leek, Secretary