2010 Minutes

Monday, November 15, 2010 || San Francisco, CA

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Officers in attendance: Kate Kenski, Glenn Hansen, Danielle Leek, Jill Edy

I. Call to order & welcome (Glenn Hansen)

II. Minutes
Minutes from the 2009 Annual Business Meeting were accepted unanimously.

III. Division Elections (Leslie Rill)
Nominees for the Vice Chair Elect, and the nominating committee, were announced. Candidates present for VC were invited to speak. Membership received ballots.

IV. Vice Chair (Program Planning) (Kate Kenski)
A. Kate reported on the review process for the NCA program.
137 people reviewed NCA submissions (39 grad students). Members were surveyed on interest areas and methodological expertise. Reviewers were matched to papers (most had three reviews). 3 reviewers per panel. "Accept/Reject" categories were used first, followed by numeric rankings. Rankings were not weighted for reviewer bias.
B. Kate lobbied NCA leadership for additional panel slots, received 2 additional slots.
C. Membership discussed the value of ranking papers/panels without accounting for bias. Kate will e-mail membership with the number of submissions that were decided by rank.

V. Vice Chair Elect (Jill Edy)
A. NCA 2011 Review.
1. The conference theme will be "Voice." NCA 2011 will return to a Thursday—Sunday schedule, in New Orleans. Wednesday before the conference there will be a "day of community volunteering"
2. NCA getting new software for paper submissions. The deadline for submissions is March 16, 2011. No information available at this point regarding time for reviewing.
3. PCD received 22 slots for 2011. This is a 15% decrease. NCA chose to reduce slots for all divisions due to concern over NCA fragmentation. If panels are strong and meaningfully related to the conference theme, they may become conference sponsored programs.
4. NCA and PCD are looking for senior scholars to serve as wandering scholars for 2011. If interested, please contact Jill.
B. Jill will contact membership via e-mail to solicit names of reviewers, chairs, and respondents.

VI. Chair's report (Glenn Hansen)
Glenn thanked members of the nominating committee, the Book Award Committee (14 books submitted), the Article Award Committee (7 submissions), and the Dissertation Award Committee (7 submissions). Glenn also thanks PCD officers.

VII. Old Business
A. News from Legislative Assembly: NCA has identified a problem with unit overlap and conference fragmentation. A proposal was offered to create an NCA conference with a "track structure" (research/pedagogy/professional). The proposal failed. Also being considered: a proposal to change the number of reps each unit has at Assembly.
B. Named Awards (Michael X. Delli Carpini)
Michael X. Delli Carpini, Mitchell S. McKinney, Mary Stuckey & Glenn Hansen met to select individuals for named PCD awards. The selection process was described. Committee nominates Rod Hart, Michael Pfau & Lynda Kaid for the book, article, & dissertation awards. Membership voted unanimously to accept the nominations.
C. Budget
NCA gives PCD $640 each year. PCD has 807 members (.80 per member). Currently $400 is spent on awards. An anonymous donor sponsored the 2010 NCA reception. Membership discussed off-site & other social options for 2011. Membership discussed endowed awards. Glenn will contact NCA & report to PCD about regulations on endowed awards.
D. Website
Thanks to Kristen Landreville for creating the new PCD website (www.ncapcd.org). The website costs $65 per year.

VIII. New Business
A. Website
Glenn proposed PCD create a new office position: "Publications & Web Editor" to be elected every 2 years with the responsibility of keeping the website maintained & up-to-date. Glenn proposed that Kristen be elected. Membership unanimously accepted the proposal.
B. Announcements
Panel for the outstanding book award is on Tuesday at 2pm. Top Student Paper panel is Tuesday at 8am. Tonight—PCD social 6pm.
C. Election Results
Vice Chair Elect—Mary Banwart
Nominating Committee—Kevin Coe (Chair), Jay Childers (UKansas), Jennifer Stromer-Galley (Albany), Talia Jomini Stroud (UT), Heather LaMarre (UMinn)
Adjourned 4:00pm

Respectfully submitted, Danielle Wiese Leek