2013 PCD Minutes

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NCA Political Communication Division Business Meeting || November 22, 2013 2:00 pm, Washington, DC

Meeting Minutes, prepared by Dannagal G. Young, University of Delaware

I. Call to order & welcome (Chair Mary Banwart, University of Kansas)

II. Approval of 2011 Minutes
Dannagal G. Young, University of Delaware

III. Nominations Committee
A. Nominations Committee Chair, Kim Meltzer, Georgetown

  • Committee members: Stephanie Bor (University of Utah), Bruce Hardy (University of Pennsylvania), Ryan Neville-Shepherd (Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus), Rebekah Watson (Grace College)
B. Introduction of candidates
  • Vice-chair elect candidates: Kristina Horn Sheller (IUPUI)
  • Candidates for nominating committee: Division members were told to vote for 5
    • Stephanie Bor, University of Utah
    • Johanna L. Dunaway, Louisiana State University
    • Lauren Feldman, Rutgers University
    • R. Kelly Garrett, The Ohio State University
    • Soo-Hye Han, Kansas State University
    • Lindsey Harvell, Southern Utah University
    • Stephen Klien, Augustana College
    • Danielle Leek, Grand Valley State University
    • Colene Lind, University of Texas at Austin
    • Gwendelyn Nisbett, University of Noth Texas
    • Josh Scacco, University of Texas at Austin
    • Benjamin R. Warner, University of Missouri
    • Kelly Winfrey, Kansas State University
  • Ballots were distributed

IV. Officer reports
A. Vice Chair and Program Planner, Sharon Jarvis, University of Texas-Austin

  • 26 total sessions allotted to the division
    • 43% acceptance rate for papers
    • 40% acceptance rate for panels
  • This year we selected four papers to receive top paper awards
B. Vice Chair Elect, Jay Childers, University of Kansas
  • NCA in Chicago at Palmer House and Chicago Hilton next year
    • Theme: "The Presence of our Past(s): NCA at 100"
    • 26 slots again for the division

V. Announcements from NCA's Trevor Parry-Giles

A. From National Office
  • NCA received a $600K grant for assessment of student learning in communication disciplines
  • NCA is collecting data about the discipline to help scholars generate arguments in defense of what it is we do
  • Public Policy Mess - discussions about congressional proposals to cut NSF funding. It was fought back, but there is still a stringent screening process. Funds must either be justified as serving national security or financial interest of the nation. NCA national office is on top of this.

VI. Officer reports (continued)

A. Web Editor, Ashley Muddiman, University of Wyoming
  • NCAPCD.org
  • If you've published a book, let Ashley know at ashley.muddiman@uwyo.edu
  • Reports Glenn Hanson had been paying out of pocket for the website at U of Oklahoma. Muddiman proposes we keep website, but host in tandem with Political Comm pages from ICA and APSA.
B. Chair, Mary Banwart
  • Old Business
    • Budget
      • Our division received a raise of $600, bringing budget to $1000
      • Not enough for a reception, but may allow funding for web hosting proposed by Muddiman
  • New Business
    • Dissertation Award Window
      • Membership would like to allow dissertations defended in the year of the conference to be eligible for the dissertation award from the division.
      • New dissertation award window would allow dissertations defended in the current year to be eligible.
      • Call would go out in January with due date of July 4th (Per Patriotic Dr. Hart’s suggestion).
      • This change would mean: 2 year window for Dissertations, Books, and Paper prizes. Books/articles published in 2012 and 2013 would be eligible for 2014 prize. Dissertations would have 2 ½ year window to grandfather in for the new system for 2014 prize; therefore, dissertations published between January 1, 2012 and June 1, 2014 are eligible for the 2014 award.
      • Motion passed.
    • Web Hosting
      • Would cost $200/year on the ICA/APSA political comm hosting server
      • Proposal to use division funds to move our website to this host
      • Motion passed
    • NCA Committee on Committees is seeking nominations
      • Interested parties should let NCA know

VII. Awards
A. Bruce E. Gronbeck Political Communication Research Award. SPONSOR: Carl Crouch Center of Social and Internet Research

  • WINNER: Brigitte Nacos, Yaeli Bloch-Elkon, & Robert Shapiro, Selling Fear: Counterterrorism, The Media, and Public Opinion
B. Roderick P. Hart Outstanding Book Award
  • Larry Powell (Chair), Dan Schill and LeAnn Brazeal
  • WINNER: Bryan Kaylor, James Madison University, Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in an Age of Confessional Politics
C. Michael Pfau Outstanding Article Award
  • Dianne Bystrom (Chair), Mike Milford and Andrea Quennette
  • WINNER: Kevin Coe & Anthony Schmidt (2012). America in Black and White: Locating Race in the Modern Presidency, 1933-2011, Journal of Communication, Vol. 62, pp. 609-627
D. Lynda Lee Kaid Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • Brian Houston (Chair), Ed Hinck and Leslie Rill
  • WINNER: Justin Reedy, University of Washington, Political discussion and deliberative democracy in immigrant communities
E. Top Four Paper Awards – delivered at the panel where papers were presented
  • Sonia Ivancic & Leah Sprain: Communicating Openness in Deliberation
  • Jeffrey Gottfried, Bruce Hardy, Kenneth Winneg & Kathleen Jamieson: Social Networking Sites and Knowledge of the 2012 Presidential Election
  • Michael Butterworth: Nate Silver’s Presidential PECOTA: Sport, the Statistical Frame, and the Rhetoric of Electoral Forecasting
  • Daniel Bergan: Why Do Knowledgeable Partisans Polarize? Cueing Knowledge, General Political Knowledge, and Policy Attitudes
F. Outstanding Service to the Division
  • Jill Edy, NCA Political Communication Division Chair, 2012
G. Top Four Student Paper Awards
  • Rebecca Yu & Yu Won Oh: ‘Citing’ the Other Side: The Nature of Engaging Political Messages from the Opposing Camp in the Political Blogosphere
  • Lindsey Meeks: He Tweets, She Tweets: Examining Gendered Presentations of Self in 2012 Senate Elections
  • Thomas McCloskey: Cossack Consubstantiality: The Ukrainian Pursuit of a Unified Nationalist Discourse
  • Athena Murray: ‘Build Your Own Conspiracy Theory!’ Conspiracy Discourse After the Osama Bin Laden Assassination

VIII. Election Results, Kim Meltzer, Georgetown
A.Vice Chair elect: Kristina Horn Sheeler, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

B. Nominations Committee: tie for one of the slots, so we will have 6 member committee this year

  • Chair: R. Kelly Garrett, The Ohio State University
  • Stephanie Bor, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Soo-Hye Han, Kansas State University
  • Colene Lind, University of Texas at Austin
  • Josh Scacco, University of Texas at Austin
  • Benjamin R. Warner, University of Missouri