2014 PCD Minutes

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NCA Political Communication Division Business Meeting || November 21, 2014 12:30 pm, Chicago, IL

Meeting Minutes, prepared by Joshua Scacco, Purdue University

I. Call to order & welcome (Chair Sharon Jarvis, University of Texas)

II. Approval of 2011 Minutes

  • Dannagal G. Young, University of Delaware/Josh Scacco, Purdue University
  • Minutes approved by unanimous voice vote at 12:34 PM

III. Nominations Committee
A. Nominations Committee Chair, Kelly Garrett, The Ohio State University

  • Committee members: Stephanie Bor (University of Nevada-Reno), Soo-Hye Han (Kansas State University), Colene Lind (University of Texas at Austin), Josh Scacco (Purdue University), Benjamin R. Warner (University of Missouri)
B. Introduction of candidates
  • Vice-chair elect candidates: Rebekah Watson (University of Indianapolis)
  • Secretary Candidates:
    • Ashley Muddiman, University of Wyoming
    • Ryan Neville-Shepard, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus
  • Candidates for nominating committee: Division members were told to vote for 4
    • Joshua Scacco, Purdue University
    • Brian Weeks, University of Vienna
    • Bethany Anne Conway, University of Arizona
    • Cynthia Peacock, University of Texas at Austin
  • Ballots were distributed

IV. Officer reports
A. Vice Chair and Program Planner, Jay Childers, University of Kansas

  • 26 total sessions allotted to the division
    • 113 submissions, 60% acceptance rate for papers (35 student papers)
    • 14 sumissions, 57% acceptance rate for panels
  • This year we also selected four student papers to receive top paper awards
B. Kristina Horn, IUPUI
  • NCA in Las Vegas
    • Theme: Embracing Opportunities
    • "What Happens in Vegas Should Not Stay in Vegas"
    • 24 slots for the division (reflection of hotel space limitations, not division membership)
    • January 19-March 25: Submission period

V. Announcements from NCA's Trevor Parry-Giles

A. From National Office
  • We were anticipating a visit from the national association. The meeting adjorned before someone arrived.

VI. Officer reports (continued)

A. Web Editor, Ashley Muddiman, University of Wyoming
  • NCAPCD.org
  • Website moved to shared hosting space with ICA and APSA; same content, more streamlined and cheaper cost
  • If you've published a book, let Ashley know at ashley.muddiman@uwyo.edu
B. Chair, Sharon Jarvis
  • Old Business
    • Legislative Council News (Jay Childers)
    • Budget
      • Our division continues to have a budget of $1000
      • Not enough for a reception, but allocated for awards and new website
  • New Business
    • Graduate Student Committee
      • We have decided against a reception for the past four years for two reasons: we wanted to accomodate participation in the program and we don't have a big enough budget for one.
      • We are concerned that the absence of a reception denies our graduate students valuable opportunities to meet senior scholars, mentors, and each other.
      • We have also witnessed ICA engage in exciting opportunities for graduate student mentorship and socialization.
      • We would like to create a committee with graduate students to gather information on what types of opportunities they might find meaningful in the future.  Sharon and Jay volunteer to co-committee.
      • Motion to accept Graduate Student Committee by unanimous vote. Sharon Jarvis and Jay Childers to co-chair the committee.
    • NCA Committee on Committees is seeking nominations
      • Interested parties should let NCA know

VII. Awards
A. Bruce E. Gronbeck Political Communication Research Award. SPONSOR: Carl Crouch Center of Social and Internet Research (Presented by Judy Trent)

  • WINNER: Craig Smith, California State University, Long Beach
B. Roderick P. Hart Outstanding Book Award
  • Sharon Jarvis (Chair), Dan Schill and Ashley Muddiman
  • WINNER: Mary Stuckey, Georgia State University, The Good Neighbor: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Rhetoric of American Power
C. Michael Pfau Outstanding Article Award
  • Kevin Coe (Chair), Andrea Quennette and Stephen Klien
  • WINNER: Mitchell S. McKinney and Benjamin R. Warner “Do presidential debates matter? Examining a decade of campaign debate effects.” Argumentation and Advocacy, 49, 238-258.
D. Lynda Lee Kaid Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • Leslie Rill (Chair), Kimberly Meltzer and Leah Sprain
    • WINNER: Ashley Muddiman The instability of incivility: How news frames and citizen perceptions shape conflict in American politics
E. Top Four Paper Awards – delivered at the panel where papers were presented
  • Robin Stryker, Bethany Anne Conway, and J. Taylor Danielson: “What is political incivility?”
  • Thomas McCloskey: “‘We must not forget that God created us equal’: Putin and American exceptionalism”

  • Benjamin Warner and Mary Banwart: “How image matters: Constructing a measure of campaign communication effects”
  • Lindsey Meeks: “Let’s get personal: Examining the effects of personalization in candidates’ online self-presentations”
F. Top Four Student Paper Awards
  • Sarah Turner McGowen: “Political advertisements in the 2012 election: Affect, the female body and rhetorical strategies”
  • Rachel Neo: “Examining the influence of SNS network homogeneity on actual voting behavior via affective responses toward in and out-group presidential candidates as intervening variables”

  • Arielle Cardona: “Having it all: A narrative analysis in negotiating the double binds on candidate websites”
  • Athena Murray: "'Shaking up the campaign': Immediacy, hypermediacy, and the etch a sketch gaffe."
G. Outstanding Service to the Division
  • Mary Banwart, NCA Political Communication Division Chair, 2013

VIII. Election Results, Kelly Garrett, The Ohio State University
A.Vice Chair elect: Rebekah Watson

B. Secretary: Ashley Muddiman, University of Wyoming

C. Web Editor: Heather LaMarre, Temple University

D. Nominations Committee: tie for one of the slots, so we will have 6 member committee this year

  • Chair: Josh Scacco, Purdue University
  • Brian Weeks, University of Vienna
  • Bethany Anne Conway, University of Arizona
  • Cynthia Peacock, University of Texas at Austin

Adjourn 1:05 PM CST