International Communication Association
Political Communication Division Leadership

Sophie Lecheler
Department of Communication
University of Vienna

Vice Chair
Frank Esser
Department of Communication and Media Research
University of Zurich

Student and Early Career Representative
Sina Blassnig
Department of Communication and Media Research
University of Zurich


Lukas Otto
Amsterdam School of Communication Research
University of Amsterdam  

International Liaison for the Political Communication Division
Patricia Rossini
Department of Communication and Media 
University of Liverpool


Division Committee Members

Joint Publications Committee
Members from the Political Communication Divisions of ICA and APSA form an advisory board to the journal Political Communication.  For the ICA, it is either three or four people, depending on who is the current chair of the committee.  The 2022 committee is:

Andrew Chadwick, Loughborough University (APSA term 2019-2022)

Joshua Darr, Louisiana State University (APSA term 2020-2023)

Cynthia Peacock, University of Alabama (APSA term 2021-2024)

Patricia Moy, University of Washington (ICA Term)

Frank Esser, University of Zurich (ICA Term)

Eike Rinke, University of Leeds (ICA Term)

Sebastian Valenzuela, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (ICA Term)

Ex officio

Tim Groeling, UCLA (Chair, APSA Political Communication Section)

Sophie Lecheler, University of Vienna (Chair, ICA Political Communication Division)

Regina Lawrence, University of Oregon (Editor, Political Communication)

Curd Knüpfer, Freie Universität Berlin (APSA-ICA Political Communication Webmaster/Social Media Director)


Past chairs of the ICA Political Communication Division

Past officers and committee members of the ICA Political Communication Division