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Toronto, Canada May 25-29, 2023
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Toronto, Canada; Thursday May 25, 2023


Aims: This preconference has three main goals. 1) Get feedback from senior colleagues and peers on your PhD research.  2) Provide insights on important aspects of academia such how to publish, research ethics, and building a CV. 3) Cultivating a network among early-career political communication scholars. To achieve these goals, the preconference will bring together a select group of PhD students working on political communication projects and provide them with the opportunity to present and discuss their projects in a constructive atmosphere.

Format: The preconference will be held in the International Living Learning Centre of Toronto Metropolitan University. The address is 240 Jarvis St, Toronto. It is a 15 minute walk from the ICA conference hotel (Sheraton Centre). The presentations and panels are planned in parallel rooms to enable direct feedback rounds between PhD candidates and participating senior mentors. There will also be plenary sessions as well as catered coffee and lunch breaks, which will give peers plenty of opportunities to interact and make new contacts.

Submission guidelines: We invite graduate students to submit their projects including all areas of political communication. Political communication involves creating, shaping, disseminating, and processing information among actors from the political system, the media, and the public, as well as the effects of such communication. Political communication today is initiated by a multitude of actors (with very different interests) who use a variety of different channels (including social media) to spread their messages. Studies of communication dealing with governments, media, policy, political actors, citizens, campaigns, social movements and advocacy groups are all within the purview of the division. Papers that address political communication problems at all levels of analysis (from the individual to the institutional, from the local to the global) using a variety of theories and methods are welcome.

Abstracts should be no longer than 750 words of text (excluding references) that include research questions, the theoretical or conceptual foundations of your PhD project, methods, preliminary findings (if available), and research significance. Abstracts will undergo review; please be sure to remove any identifying information.

Projects at all stages will be considered, including research currently in the early stages of data collection or analysis. Evaluation criteria will include quality of argument, methodological rigor, and importance of project to theory building in political communication.

The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2023. Please submit abstracts to f.esser@ikmz.uzh.ch.

NOTE: Please specify in the body text of your submission email the stage of your PhD work (e.g., writing of the research proposal, complete and defended proposal, initial data collection, advanced data collection, data analysis, final writing/defending) and include author names, institutional affiliation, name of promotor and email address.

Any questions about your submission? Just contact division chair Frank Esser at f.esser@ikmz.uzh.ch



The political communication division offers travel grants for the upcoming conference in Toronto, Canada. To apply for funding, please fill out the following forms by February 17, 2023.

Please apply for the divisional grant here:


ICA has the possibility to match our travel grants, in order to do so, please also apply for the general ICA travel grants: https://www.icahdq.org/page/TravelGrant

Notice of awards will go out by early March. If multiple authors of one paper want to apply for funding, they all need to submit an application. Otherwise, the grant will only be awarded to the presenting author.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to direct them to the secretary of the political communication division, Lukas Otto (lukas.otto@gesis.org).

We would especially like to encourage young scholars from Tier B and C countries to apply for funding!

Thanks a lot for your application! Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!


ICA Political Communication Division (Co-)Sponsored Pre- and Post-Conferences

Pre-conference (May 24, 2023): Comparative Digital Political Communication: Comparisons Across Countries, Platforms, and Time

+ More Info Coming Soon.