Political Communication Section Leadership

Sharon Jarvis
Department of Communication Studies
University of Texas at Austin

Vice Chair
Kevin Coe
Department of Communication
University of Utah

Yini Zhang
Department of Communication
University of Buffalo

Program Chair (2024)
Babak Bahador
School of Media & Public Affairs
George Washington University

Section Committee Members

Executive Board Committee At-Large

Jessica Collier, Purdue University (2023-2024)
Marisa Smith, Michigan State University (2023-2024)

Nominations Committee
Katherine Haenschen, Northeastern University (Chair, 2022-2025)

Joint Publications Committee

Patricia Moy, University of Washington (Chair, ICA term 2023-2026)
Kathleen Searles, Louisiana State University (APSA term 2023-2026)
Cynthia Peacock, University of Alabama (APSA term 2021-2024)
Travis Ridout, Washington State University (APSA term 2022-2025)
Eike Rinke, University of Leeds (ICA term, through 2024)
Chris Fei Shen, City University of Hong Kong (ICA term, 2023-2026)
Sebastian Valenzuela, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (ICA term, through 2025) 

Ex Officio

Frank Esser, University of Zurich (Chair, ICA Political Communication Division)
Sharon Jarvis, University of Texas at Austin (Chair, APSA Political Communication Section)
Curd Knüpfer, Freie Universität Berlin (APSA-ICA Political Communication Webmaster/Social Media Director)
Regina Lawrence, University of Oregon (Editor, Political Communication

Doris Graber Outstanding Book Award Committee (2024)

Michael Wagner (Chair), University of Wisconsin Madison
Jessica Feezell, University of New Mexico
Rachel Kuo, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Lala Muradova, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Walter Lippmann Best Published Article of the Year Award Committee (2024)

Patrícia Rossini (Chair), University of Glasgow
John Cluverius, UMass Lowell
Philipp Darius, The Hertie School
Stephanie DeMora, University of Pennsylvania

Paul Lazarsfeld Best Paper Award Committee (2024)

Rune Slothuus (Chair), Aarhus University
Chelsea Butkowski, American University
Meredith Pruden, Kennesaw State University

Thomas E. Patterson Best Dissertation Award Committee (2024)

Jianing Li (Chair), University of South Florida
Eunji Kim, Columbia University
Emily Lynch, University of Rhode Island
Tarah Williams, Allegheny College

Timothy E. Cook Best Graduate Student Paper Award Committee (2024)

Nina Obermeier (Chair), King’s College London
Emilija Gagrčin, University of Mannheim
Dan Meyers, University of Minnesota
Pelekeh Tapang, York University

Murray Edelman Lifetime Distinguished Career Award Committee (2023)
Pippa Norris (Chair), Harvard University 
Jaeho Cho, University of California, Davis
Georgia Kernell, University of California, Los Angeles

David Swanson Award for Service to Political Communication Scholarship Committee 
This is a joint ICA-APSA nomination committee that includes representatives of both divisions of Political Communication.  It is appointed by the two chairs of the divisions every two years, as the Award in memory of one of the founders of our discipline is presented every other year.  The aim of the Award is to recognize the service of those who distinguished in contributing to the field as program planners, journal editors, division leaders, webmasters, in several activities that require dedication of time and often of personal resources.

This award was created to honor David Swanson's service to the ICA and APSA political communication divisions.