Name (affiliation):  Yanna Krupnikov (Stony Brook University)  

Paper title:  Citizen Engagement (and Disengagement) in Response to Social Ills

Co-authors (if any): Adam Levine (Cornell University)

Publication reference (if any; APA 6th):  Under review

Q: What should people remember from your paper? (Please give the one main finding and/or take-home message of your research.)

A:  At any given point in time people can focus their efforts and attention on a variety of different political problems and issues. The type of information people receive – and the way that information is presented – can play a key role in determining the way people focus their attention and eventually take political action.

Q: Back when you presented your award-winning paper, was it part of a coherent session? Did the papers talk to each other? In which ways? What were the concerns shared by the papers?

A: If I recall correctly, the paper was part of a session on conditions under which political information stands to have the greatest effect on people.

Q: Did you see fascinating/innovative/inspiring presentations at this year’s conference in Philadelphia? What about them struck you as outstanding? (Please give your general impression and perhaps focus on one specific paper that stood out for you.)

A:  There were a number of papers and panels that focused on the way political rhetoric shapes action that were conducting research using innovative and creative experimental approaches.

Q: I will always remember the conference in Philadelphia because…

A:  The conference had many excellent panels.

2016 APSA Paul Lazarsfeld Best Paper Award